Stockholm, May 2008
Almost 2 weeks in Stockholm!

Wow, time flies when you are having fun... It is only 3 weeks ago we were saying goodbye to all our good friends in Auckland, only 2 weeks ago we were about to leave New Zealand and now we are living in Sweden!

Since we arrived in Stockholm 12 days ago, we have been busy getting our lives organised here in Sweden. Besides some admistrative immigration tasks, we also have been organising the basic needs for our new house (IKEA is great). We still eat sitting on the floor, but it is actually a good situation to realise what you really need and what things in your house are not really important. It still will take another month (at least) before the container with our stuff from New Zealand will arrive. Since a few days we have internet connection, a phone, mobile phones and digital television is getting connected soon (talking about basic needs...).

Besides the important things we needed to organise, we also have found some time to explore the environment (it is only a 5 minute walk down through the forest to a small lake), go to Stockholm and visit the Pippi Longstocking 'museum' (we bought a year pass right away!), played tennis and visited the local library. But most of all we needed to recover from our jet-lag and all the activities and emotions over the last few weeks.

Slowly our lives are getting started here. Niklas went to his first school day today, I am going to work next week. It might not be an easy day every day, but the weather is helping us a lot with heaps of sunshine and nice temperatures....

Bye from Sjouke, Niklas, Kirsten and Peter